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Help for Haiti
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

North Carolina HINTS Here We Come!

I thought about using the title "North Carolina or Bust" for this post, but with a sick child, a car in for repairs, having to replace the washer and dryer two weeks ago, and the dishwasher barely sloshing along, I decided that "bust" does not have a good connotation for my family lately. Not to mention the used dryer we bought doesn't dry the clothes any faster than if we held up the articles of clothing and blew on them for several hours. And I have asthma. Ahem. Enough whining about busted things. We are heading down to North Carolina to the HINTS (Home Instructors Need Team Support) book fair. I will be speaking on "Adapting Curriculum for Struggling Learners", "Helping the Distractible Child", and "Sensory Integration". I know at least one of my friends will be there, but since I'm from Ohio I'm hoping to make some new friends while I'm in North Carolina. If you are going to HINTS be sure and stop by the Heads Up booth and say "hi". The Heads Up crew is a fun bunch and would love to meet you! Plus, if you don't stop by they will be bored, and being bored is one of the things they fear the most.
Hope to see you soon!
Melinda L. Boring

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