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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Some Big Pants to Fill

My daughter is finishing up finals at college this week. She is planning to become an occupational therapist, but for now is still doing her undergraduate work in special education. About a month ago, she told me that many of her friends think she is going to be a speech therapist and she keeps correcting them that she wants to go into Occupational Therapy. I told her that I thought she would make a good speech therapist if she wanted to pursue that, and since I'm already a speech therapist I could teach her a lot about it. She was in a typical college student sleep deprived state, and replied, "I could never be a speech therapist like you. The pants are just too big to fill." While that statement is definitely true in that my pants would be far too large for her, it cracked me up. I still think Beth could be a great speech therapist in her own right but I want her to follow her passions and not try to reproduce mine. Have you ever noticed that no one is as good at being you as you are? I pointed out to Beth that most people talk about SHOES being too big to fill, but I got her point. She of course knew that, but in our case what she actually said might be more accurate since our feet are closer to the same size.


HeadsUpDad said...

I'm very proud of you both, but Beth is correct. She could never be the Best Speech Therapist in the World (BSTitW) while you are alive. She will have to settle for being the World's Best Occupational Therapist (WBOT)!

Chef Penny said...

Just think, she will bring a speech perspective to ot. What a great concept! I'm sure she will make an excellent ot. Super cute blog!

B said...

I definitely meant that statement this way:
You wear the pants in the family (for speech therapy)
Your shoes would be tough to fill (for speech therapy)

Just to clarify! =]