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Help for Haiti
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Monday, April 13, 2009

Just got back from the TLC meeting in Mansfield. Special thanks to Ken & Grace Johnson for inviting us to speak. Our one remaining home-schooler is 16 years old; it has been quite some time since we have been involved in a HS Support Group. Tonight I saw just how much such a group can help a family with struggling learners. While not everyone can relate or empathize with having a distractible child, I was pleased to see that everyone was listening attentively - I believe with the purpose of gaining better understanding. Hopefully there was content for everyone.

Thanks to all our new friends for a warm reception.


Heather L said...

Is that Mansfield, Ohio? I was born there. Now I am in WV. I spoke to your hubby at Midwest Homeschooling Convention. My kids loved your booth, they are sensory/autistic kids. Thank you for your great selection!!!

God bless
Heather L

PS Our evaluation teacher Mrs L C said she knew you and HELLO!

HUMom said...

Yes, we are in Ohio. I'm glad you got a chance to stop by the booth in Cincinnati. I had fun doing workshops there. Mrs. L. C. was my first evaluator for portfolio reviews. She was very encouraging. Ask her if she remembers that there was a tornado warning when she was scheduled to come and do the portfolio review that first time. I was more nervous about the review than the tornado! Please tell her hello for us.