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Help for Haiti
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Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Way With Words

Well, standardized testing time is here again and I just got Beckie's test results back. Her highest score was for language expression, which should come as a surprise to no one who knows her. I suspect this may help explain why you can't win an argument with Beckie. She always has an answer, even if her answer is incorrect. She is never at a loss for words, and has a driving need to get the last word in during any discussion if she is comfortable with her conversation partner. If she is not at ease, she may let the verbal discussion come to an end, but I'm sure she finishes it in her head so she's still getting the final say. She is continually expanding her vocabulary by impulsively blurting something out, and then asking what a word she just used actually means. I can usually tell if it's a word she's picked up by reading, because the pronunciation is off. But Beckie also has an ear for hearing subtle nuances, and once she's heard a word a few times she's got the pronunciation down. We've started learning Spanish, and I've been impressed with how easily Beckie is producing the words. So this is what happens with the kids who were always non-stop talkers as they become teens? Not a bad outcome at all.

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Anonymous said...

Go Beckie! Sounds a lot like me

--crystal (from indiana)