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Help for Haiti
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Saturday, June 04, 2005

We're back

Well, we have now had a couple of weeks to recover from our travel schedule. This year has been our most ambitious for exhibiting at homeschool conventions.

Indianapolis, IN Feb 25-26
Frrederick, MD Apr 22-23
Worcester, MA Apr 29-30
Harrisburg, PA May 6-7 (HUD)
Ft Wayne, IN May 6-7 (HUM)
Lansing, MI May 13-14
Winston-Salem, NC May 26-28

We still have Columbus, OH in June and (finally) Dallas, TX in October!

I am still trying to get our website updated with all the new books & products we now carry. I will also put a link to this blog on the website. Hopefully that will get traffic up, and get us started.


Heads Up Dad said...

CHEO has come and gone. Attendance seemed to be down, but there were plenty of homeschoolers with special needs there.
We really enjoyed speaking with all of you, and many picked up info on this blog, so I am interested in what will develope

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